What Can Scientists Learn from Dolphins Playing Whack-a-Mole?


27 September 2017

In the 1980s, marine mammal scientist Diana Reiss had a tantalizing glimpse of a method for decoding the sounds that dolphins use to communicate. In September 2017 I interviewed Reiss for TED’s Ideas site about bringing this idea to fruition with touchscreen technology:

In some ways, dolphins and humans aren’t so different. We’re both intelligent, social animals, and we both rely on complex vocal signals to convey information. However, while we have recognized for decades that dolphins possess their own distinct language, we still don’t understand what they are saying. Now Hunter College cognitive psychologist and marine mammal scientist Diana Reiss (TED Talk: The interspecies Internet?) is collaborating with Marcelo Magnasco at Rockefeller University and other researchers to develop a giant touchscreen that could start to decode their communication.

Keep reading at TED Ideas.

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