How One Researcher Is Studying That Tingly, Universal, Unmistakable and Unsettling Phenomenon Known as Déjà Vu


16 June 2017

Can science explain that eerie sensation of having seen it all before? Colorado State University psychologist Anne Cleary is proving that it can. I interviewed her about her research for TED’s Ideas site in June 2017:

Most of us know the feeling. You’re introduced to someone, you watch a new movie, or you walk down a street in an unfamiliar city, and then suddenly, you’re struck by the uncanny sensation that you’ve been through this all before. You know it’s impossible — there’s no way you could have encountered this person, film or street — yet it all seems so familiar. We call this “déjà vu,” a French phrase meaning “already seen,” first used in the early 20th century. Some researchers estimate that two-thirds of the population has experienced this phenomenon, which also may be accompanied by the conviction that you know what will happen next.

Keep reading at TED Ideas.

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