Our Lady of Perpetual Help

fullsizeoutput_3a86“Our Lady of Perpetual Help” is a short story published in The Hudson Review in fall 2014

“The concrete walls of the College of Our Lady of Perpetual Help are painted bright yellow—to represent the light of Our Lady in Central America, the nuns like to say, but in reality to hide the urine stains inflicted daily by men, boys, and dogs. There is only one entrance, a narrow iron gate facing west to School Street. The only man who passes in and out of that gate is the delivery man, who comes three times a week, his donkey cart piled with rice and beans, bruised plantains, and whole skinned goats, bright red and glaring. He is no fool; as the girls unload the cart, one of the nuns standing by, he is cagey with his glances…”

Read it online at The Hudson Review.


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