Old School

June 2016

This is an episode of Improving my English, Rebuilding My History. During my Fulbright year in Siuna, Nicaragua, as part of a course at the local university (URACCAN Siuna), English teachers and I produced a series of radio stories about Siuna’s history. The English version was published online, and the Spanish version was broadcast on Radio URACCAN Siuna in June 2016. I helped with the interviews, voice-over recordings, writing, and editing.

Siuna is a remote town in the northern part of the country. From the late 19th century until 1979, it was the site of an important gold mine owned by Americans and Canadians. Afterwards, it became a battleground of the American-backed civil war of the 1980s. While few Nicaraguans, and even fewer Americans, know much about Siuna, the town has played an important role in the history of both countries.

In this episode, high school teacher Snayder Robinson asks one of Siuna’s first teachers about what has changed in education since the 1940s–and about a few things that haven’t.

Written by Snayder Robinson. Edited by Snayder Robinson and Lauren Schenkman. Music by Inverse Room @inverseroom

For more student projects, visit the SoundCloud pages:

English: https://soundcloud.com/siunastories

Spanish: https://soundcloud.com/historiasdesiuna

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