How wise are you? One scientist is trying to create a test


27 March 2018

Is it possible to define, measure and even increase how wise a person is? For this TED Ideas piece, I talked to psychiatrist Dilip Jeste about his attempts to answer those questions:

To assess our health, we weigh ourselves, measure our blood pressure, and check our cholesterol. But one scientist is trying to figure out the connection between our well-being and something much more difficult to quantify: wisdom. A team led by UC San Diego geriatric psychiatrist Dilip Jeste (TEDMED Talk: Seeking wisdom in graying matter) is seeking a scientific understanding of the trait — defining it, locating it in the brain, even measuring it. Their ultimate goal? To learn how a person can boost their wisdom, just as a patient might improve their cardiovascular health.

Keep reading at TED Ideas.

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